Barbara Hester
Kim Cockburn  
Keith Arnold John Jeffries
Elizabeth Colegrave Olivia Forsyth 
Hunt Secretaries
Lady Tessa Fermoy
Lord Maurice Fermoy 07779 298189
Hunt Supporters' Club Chairman
Richard Watson
07580 560387
Hunt Supporters' Club Secretary
 Ilona Barnett 
01789 740050

HIRELINGS - please contact the Hunt Secretaries above, for a list of those who kindly provide hirelings in our country.

About Us

Our kennels are situated in the picturesque village of Little Kineton, Nr Warwick, where, as well as our huntsman and whipper-in, other employees who live there include a stud groom, countryman and kennelman. At the kennels, we keep the hunt horses and the hounds: our hounds go out 7 days a fortnight - Mondays, Wednesdays, (alternate) Thursdays and Saturdays - we are one of the very few packs where hounds go out 4 days a week.

The country - the area registered to our particular hunt - (which covers Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire) is a mixture of pasture and arable, crossed mainly by means of hedges, timber and hunt jumps - mainly provided by a volunteer fencing scheme.

Visitors, irrespective of their age, experience and knowledge of hunting are very welcome to come out with us (all the known conditions permitting).  Give either of the Secretaries a ring who can advise you of details - eg rates, times of meets, directions, where to unbox, availability of hirelings etc.  They will be very pleased to hear from you and to answer any questions you may have.

We particularly welcome and encourage children and young persons coming out and riding to hounds as we recognise them as the "seed corn" for hunting's future.  We also particularly welcome members from the two Hunt affiliated local branches of the Pony Club.
Our "Newcomers Scheme" is designed to encourage those who wish to experience riding to hounds for the first time and to this end, every autumn we stage a "Newcomers Day" which is always an eagerly anticipated and well attended event.  Our scheme includes arrangements whereby knowledgeable persons are assigned to look after Newcomers, inform them what's going on and importantly, to ensure their safe passage.  For more details and guidance, go to our Newcomers page. 
The Local Community: the Hunt forms a sizeable part of the local community and contributes in a number of ways, including:- The majority of the Hunt's suppliers of goods and service are locally based businesses. Substantial donations to local charities/organisations are made from fund-raising events and activities - eg sponsored rides, conservation projects as well as open days held at the Hunt kennels, horse trials, point-to-points.

All or any references to the uses of the terms “hunt” or “hunting”, or any relation thereto used in the text should be interpreted strictly as meaning hunting within the law as defined under The Hunting Act 2004 and covering such activities as hound exercise.

The Warwickshire Hunt is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England, Company No. 4657820